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  • Surprise Holiday Especially Sweet
    This term’s Surprise Holiday—Monday, October 20—was especially sweet.
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  • Groton School Celebrates Parents Weekend
    Parents traveled from all over the world (and from right around the corner) to visit with their children, faculty members, and other famiiles during Groton’s Parents Weekend, October 17-19.
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  • Reaching Beyond the Groton Circle
    Two hundred Groton students and 30 faculty members sorted food, planted bulbs, cleaned, painted, entertained, and otherwise reached out on September 30, during the School’s first Community Day of Service.
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  • Not Sympathy But Empathy
    On Sunday, September 30, Jamaal Barnes, current assistant director of admissions at Harvard's Graduate School of Education, visited Groton School to speak about what it truly means to serve the community. 

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  • A Global Exchange for Two Groton Students
    Two Groton students headed to England today for a month of study at the Bedales School, a coed boarding school about 60 miles outside London. 
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  • Acclaimed Pianist Performs, Heralds New Groton Piano
    On Thursday, September 14, students welcomed the pianist Max Levinson to the Circle for a concert that both entertained and introduced a vintage piano to the community.
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  • Groton Student Plays for USA in Women’s Baseball Tournament
    Sophie Baker ’16 played for the United States team during the LG Cup International Women's Baseball Tournament in South Korea in August. Sophie, who has played baseball since first grade, pitches and plays second base at Groton.
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  • Welcome, & Welcome Back
    The Circle buzzed with activity on Sunday, September 7, as both new and returning students arrived and moved into their dorms.
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  • Two Groton Grads Row for U.S. in World Championship
    Henry Hoffstot ’09 and Alex Karwoski ’08—both standouts in crew while at Groton—are representing the United States at the World Rowing Championships in Amsterdam this week.
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  • Groton School Celebrates 129th Prize Day
    “Saying goodbye to Groton is like saying goodbye to an absolutely ordinary rainbow.”
    Judge Stephen A. Higginson spoke from personal experience when he delivered those words, part of his keynote address at Groton School’s 129th Prize Day. Higginson, a judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, is a Groton alumnus from the Form of 1979, as well as the father of 2014 graduate Christopher Higginson and the son of 1950 Groton graduate Charles Higginson.
    Punctuating his message with poetry, from a whimsical Ogden Nash couplet to profound Shakespearean verse, Higginson imparted wisdom about mentorship, leadership, and how to say goodbye. He also shared some observations from his own legal studies, explaining, for example, how Thurgood Marshall’s careful choice of words was key to his success when he argued the landmark Brown v. the Board of Education case before the U.S. Supreme Court, a court Marshall would later join.
    Higginson said that Marshall “refused the temptation to decry bigotry. He did not demonize. Instead, he said a ‘respectable’ majority in the South—he called it respectable—supported segregation to avoid racial friction.” The polite approach helped secure a unanimous decision.
    “How wise—and important today—not to build an argument around absolutes or accusations," Higginson said. "How wise not to use proud words." Marshall’s argument was “factual, even aspirational, centered on common ground, the positive that all Americans, in his words, had ‘grown up,’ had fought two World Wars side by side, so much so that the 14th Amendment’s promise of equality could step beyond fear.”
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  • Groton Students Win Grants for Summer Projects
    Seven Groton students will be extending the classroom beyond the Circle this summer with enthusiastic support from the School.

    They will study glacial deterioration on Mount Everest, work on health education in rural China, and help the mentally ill in India. They will tell the life stories of New York City’s elderly, volunteer with an AIDS program in South Africa, and build coral nurseries in Bali.

    The students have received grants from Groton School through the John Endicott Lawrence 1927 Global Issues Scholars Fund, the George H.P. Dwight 1945 Internship Fund, and the Groton Opportunity for Leadership Development (G.O.L.D.) Fund. An eighth student, who has received a grant from the Parents’ Independent School Network (PIN), will be repairing mobile homes in Appalachia.

    Chenyu “Michael” Ma ’15 explains why he chose to apply what he has learned in environmental science classes at Groton to the study of glacial deterioration and climate change on Mount Everest. “I have been climbing mountains since my Second Form summer,” he says. “From the beginning, the sheer beauty of the Himalayas and its vast, surrounding glaciers captivated me completely. I cannot bear to imagine the disappearance of glaciers, not only because it would destroy the mountain’s sacred beauty, but more importantly, because it would pose a grave threat to the people of Asia, as the Himalayas is the source for almost all of the major rivers in Asia.”

    Michael applied for a grant through the John Endicott Lawrence 1927 Global Issues Scholars Fund, which supports students who spend time outside of the U.S. in a different culture and who focus on service or a specific educational goal. Michael will spend part of his time at the Everest Base Camp in Tibet, documenting change of the glacial lakes in cooperation with GlacierWorks. He will also spend time studying the impact of economic development and tourism at the base camp on the environment.

    Yuqing “Nancy” Xue ’16 also received Lawrence funds in support of her ongoing work with the Sino-U.S. Health Education Program, which she established last year at Xiangyu High School in rural China, with support from UNICEF. The program provides health information to teenagers in this remote area, and promotes cultural exchange and dialogue.
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  • Groton Crews Row, Row, Row to NEIRA Medals
    Groton boats rowed to four medals at Saturday’s New England Interscholastic Rowing Association championship regatta, including a first-place finish by the boys third boat.
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